Fine quality Ceylon Tea - Loose Leaf Tea Varieties

High Teas provide a wide range of quality Ceylon teas that are ethically sourced from the finest tea gardens on the Island of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) - premium quality, natural tasting Ceylon teas at affordable prices.

We carefully research our teas for flavour, aroma, appearance and natural taste. We therefore enjoy the subtle tastes of these single estate teas before you do, ensuring that you get only that extra special taste that the real tea connoisseur is looking for… Why not try one of our Ceylon teas today - it could possibly become your new favourite tea.

Buy Fresh Ceylon Loose Leaf Tea from UK's Finest Online Tea Shop

Our Ceylon loose teas come from some of the finest tea estates in Sri Lanka, with fine reputations in providing refined, high grade, premium quality leaf teas that are crisp, elegant and wholly refreshing. Ceylon tea can vary in characteristics but is widely appreciated as a bright and lively tea with a delicate flavour. Ceylon Tea is normally drunk black but can also be drank with milk.

If you're a tea enthusiast or just intrigued by specialty teas, why not sample some of freshest and finest Ceylon teas today. Give as a special gift or include in your picnic hamper to enjoy amongst friends during summer months. Discover and enjoy the special taste of our fine selection of Ceylon Teas.

We are now packaging the majority of our teas in black matte finish stand-up pouches. The matte finish outer layer gives them a distinctive old world look. Sizes available are 50g (new), 100g, 250g and 500g. Orders of 1kg quantities are either made up of two 500g pouches or with the suppliers original 1kg packaging.

We are constantly upgrading the quality of our Ceylon teas, and most come from well-known single estates of the highest quality.