Quite simply the best hot chocolate we have ever tasted!

Monbana hot chocolate is made by French Master Chocolatiers with three generations of experience in the chocolate industry. A family firm since 1934, Monbana Chocolate has managed to grow and become an international brand without losing its “small business” feel.

In 1947, Louis Guattari and two sons Jean and Paul, open a chocolate bean roasting plant giving them the title of butter makers and allowing the production of Monbana hot chocolate in powder, that was to make their reputation. In 1973 Monbana chocolate was the first company in France to produce and launch the Neapolitan, that famous little chocolate square served with your coffee.

Monbana Chocolate is quite simply the best hot chocolate we have ever tried. Made by French master Chocolatiers Monbana. With 32% cocoa content Monbana chocolate has only 3 ingredients, Sugar, Vanilla and Cocoa.

All our drinking chocolate is made after selecting only the best cocoa varieties (notably from the Ivory Coast and South America)

MONBANA guarantees 100% pure cocoa butter chocolate

All our recipes are developed in France, in the Mayenne region, at our two production sites (in Ernée and Landivy)