Prepare to be impressed - why you really should try African teas.

Brown path through tea plantation with mountains

What makes African teas so unique?

Although relative newcomers to the high-grade tea market, the superb tea farms emerging in Africa are widely acknowledged as some of the best in the world, competing with the very best loose leaf teas from China, India and Ceylon in both flavour and quality. We have teas from Malawi, Tanzania and Rwanda, each with their own unique style and reflecting an array of excellent tea-growing terrains and climates.

Award winning teas from Kenya

Kenyan Teas are famous for their brightness, attractive colour, brisk flavour and fragrant leaves. Traditionally used in blending, Kenyan teas are now emerging in their own right in the speciality market. Kenya is the world's third largest producer of black tea, with quality increasing at a steady rate. The main tea plantations in Kenya are situated in or around the highland areas on either side of the Great Rift Valley at altitudes ranging from 1500 to 2700 meters above sea level. The plucking of Kenyan tea is meticulous and ensures that only the choicest upper two leaves and a bud are picked. Tea bushes are plucked on a regular cycle ranging from 7 to 14 days. As a result all High Teas Kenyan teas have won international acclaim for their consistent high quality and excellent delightful aroma. For an excellent introduction to the world of top class Kenyan teas we highly recommend our Lelsa Estate FBOP. Lelsa's teas are consistently prized for their purity of flavour, robust character and renowned malty Kenyan edge that takes milk exceptionally well. This FBOP is no exception: flavourful with floral notes and assertive astringency this truly stands up as one of Africa's greatest teas.

Brilliant breakfast teas!

Due to their hearty flavour Kenyan teas make exemplary breakfast teas and Kaimosi Estate’s offering is both rich and strong and takes milk well. Arguably one of the best cups of Kenyan black tea around, you really must try our Kosabei Kenyan tea whose leaves yield a delicious amber-coloured brew with hints of malt and berry. The finish is gentle and astringent with aromas of currant and moist earth.

Rooibos teas from South Africa

For African Rooibos - or 'red-bush' teas see our Rooibos page.