chai teas

Authentic Indian chai teas combining strong black Assam tea with a host of fragrant, aromatic spices. Unforgettable.


    chai teas

    Transport yourself to the vibrant, bustling, fragrant streets of Mumbai, Cochin or New Delhi from the very first sip of one of our incredible chai teas.

    Forget the sugary high-street coffee shop versions made with powdered chai mixes or concentrates and try our authentic chai varieties. Strong black tea combined with real cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, ground cloves, ground ginger and black peppercorns - a totally unforgettable experience. Aromatic and absolutely bursting with flavour it’s no surprise that Chai teas have gained worldwide popularity in recent years. 

    Vastly popular across the Indian subcontinent where a ‘chai walla’ (or tea vendor) can be found on almost every street corner, masala chai has no fixed ingredients and varies from place to place. Chai does however have five basic components which are almost always present: water, tea leaves, milk, sugar and a mixture made of cardamom, black pepper and ginger.  Our chai collection includes several classic chai recipes. Our traditional Indian spiced chai uses a recipe from a top chai walla and includes all the ingredients you’d expect from a classic chai. Or for an even more soothing and aromatic brew, try our Bourbon vanilla chai, with the addition of top-grade Bourbon vanilla lending an even more creamy and calming flavour to this time-honoured drink. 

    For a morning drink with a difference you will love our Bangalore rose chai - as the story goes the Bangalore chai-wallah who was brewing his chai that day to sell to visitors in the garden discovered that rose petals from a bush being pruned nearby had fallen into his teapot. Since the chai-wallah intended to turn a profit that day rather than waste the now scented tea and brew a fresh batch he simply added his other ingredients to the pot. Gorgeous, fragrant tea was the lucky result.

    All our chai teas are made with a base of strong Assam tea, which is not easily overpowered by the heady mix of herbs and spices. Prepare yours using steamed milk and sugar if you like. For a truly authentic experience you can add a dash of sweetened condensed milk to your steaming chai.