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High Quality Loose Leaf Tea from the Finest Tea Estates to your Cup

We carefully select our teas for the finest flavours, beautiful aromas, appearance and natural taste with the aim of finding the perfect cup of tea. Why not try one of our speciality teas today - it could become your new favourite.

Darjeeling Premium 2nd Flush House Blend

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Ingredients - Black Tea

Taste -  This harmonious blend of second flush teas from carefully
selected gardens produces a strong and full-bodied infusion

Liquor - Nutty Brown Cup

Flush - 2nd Flush

Grade -  FTGFOP1 (Limited to only the highest quality leaves in the FTGFOP classification.)

About the Estate/Region

By the time the second flush is picked in the summer months of June and July, both
the taste and the look of the teas have changed considerably. The buds and tips
are now a silvery or golden-brown colour, while the colour in the cup ranges from
coppery-gold to auburn.

Mature second flush teas of high quality are full-bodied
and have a slightly nutty flavour. The top teas possess the prized muscatel character but are very hard to find nowadays



Tea Estate Box

Our tea estate box is the ultimate tea subscription box for lover's of pure, great tasting unadulterated tea. We source our loose leaf teas from the finest tea estates and deliver it directly to you. 

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Gourmet Tea from France

Dammann Freres Tea

The quality of their teas and their know how has made Dammann one of the finest tea companies in the world.

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The Perfect Mix of Large Leaf Pyramid Bags
The Perfect Mix of Large Leaf Pyramid Bags

The Perfect Mix of Large Leaf Pyramid Bags

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