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Darjeeling Winter Pandam

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Ingredients - Organic Black Tea

Taste - The aroma impresses with a natural orange-citrus note, aromatic and elegant. A tea for the quiet hours of the day

Liquor - Amber

Flush - 1st Flush

Grade -  SFTGFOP1 (Limited to only the highest quality leaves in the SFTGFOP classification.)

About the Estate/Region

Pandam is a recently 'rediscovered' tea garden in the West of Darjeeling. It had all but been forgotten, and has been back in production for a few years. This is a Winter picked Darjeeling.

The beauty of the Pandam tea estate is complemented by the protected forests that surround the garden on its east and west. The striking beauty of the Kanchenjunga range is clearly viewed from this garden. Here the clouds leisurely caress the soft green expanse of the tea bushes, infusing it with the goodness of nature. The tea bushes at Pandam draw in the wealth of cosmic forces to produce teas that carry the freshness of nature in a bright cup with a smooth, sweet flavour.


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The Perfect Mix of Large Leaf Pyramid Bags

The Perfect Mix of Large Leaf Pyramid Bags

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