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Khartoum Hibiscus Whole Blossoms-Loose Leaf Tea-High Teas
Khartoum Hibiscus Whole Blossoms-50g-Loose Leaf Tea-High Teas
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Khartoum Hibiscus Whole Blossoms

Khartoum Hibiscus Whole Blossoms

Rosy, floral, citrus flavoured tea. Antioxidant.
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A real pick-me up without caffeine. In history every herb and flower has a symbolic meaning - hibiscus means grace and beauty. Hibiscus - a native to Africa - is related to a bushy ornamental shrub that decorates many tropical gardens has become a popular showy houseplant in Europe and North America and is a flowery accessory to many young women in the tropics. The calyces (often referred to as the hibiscus flower itself) which form the outer covering of the flower buds are dried and used to make a rosy citrus flavoured tea. There are more than 200 species of hibiscus. The type used for tea is Abelmoschus or Sabdariffa. Hibiscus is rich in Vitamin A and C and beta-carotene making it a good antioxidant. Many purport that its health benefits include: replacing electrolytes, quenching thirst during and after athletic endeavours, easing symptoms of colds flu and coughs.


Please note: In order to become more environmentally-friendly we no longer add large coloured labels to our tea packets. Simply peel off the small name label from the back of your packet to make it totally biodegradable! Gift tubes are as shown.

Tea Type


Water Temp

Brew Time

WHITE 3-5g per cup 70c 5-6 mins
GREEN 3-5g per cup 75c 2-5 mins
BLACK 3-5g per cup 95c 4-6 mins
OOLONG 3-5g per cup 95c 5-8 mins
PU-ERH 3-5g per cup 95c 4-6 mins
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Excellent service. Beautiful teas, unique flavours. I will be back for more.

Tony 51692
Excellent tea.

Reputed to have many medicinal properties. Such as cleaning out the anxiolic fluid, and reducing anxiety and stress, even helping a diet. Whatever, bunk or not, its a good floral tasting drink, and that makes it more easy to covince onself its all true. 🙂

Carolyn Evans
Large flowers of loveliness!

Nothing added these whole blossoms are perfect. This tea is beautiful and tastes floral without any added sweetness. Enjoy ++