Our most popular loose leaf teas - in a bag! Using cleverly designed, biodegradable pyramid bags for the full loose leaf tea experience. 


    tea bags

    Despite being most famous for our fine loose leaf teas, here at High Teas we know that sometimes teabags are the most convenient choice for our customers. For this reason we are pleased to offer a range of our most popular teas in teabags. 

    Unlike teas formulated specifically for teabags our teas remain ‘loose leaf’ teas, even when they’re in a bag.  For this reason we use special pyramid bags, which allow the tea to move much more freely in the water and so to release more of their flavours when brewing. Pyramid bags allow us to add more tea per bag and also mean the leaves are less likely to be crushed, which can result in a ‘dusty’ tasting tea. Through extensive research we found that pyramid bags most closely mimic what happens to loose leaf tea in an infuser or tea-pot. When using regular tea bags you may have noticed that by the time your tea steeps to give you the best flavour, the water has already cooled down. This brewing process is neither taste effective nor time efficient. Pyramid bags are more porous, which means faster brewing and a hotter, more flavourful cuppa.

    Because we are passionate about the environment we have taken great care to source totally biodegradable tea bags. It may surprise you to learn that many well-known tea companies still use tea bags which contain plastics - even small amounts of plastic in a tea bag mean it will never fully decompose. Tiny particles of plastics used in commercial tea bags end up in our oceans, rivers and landscapes - something we believe is completely unnecessary!

    We have tried to make as many of our teas as possible available in pyramid bags and you will find many of your favourite tea types here - from Earl Grey to English Breakfast to Rooibos and green tea. We are hoping to add more of our teas to this range in the future so keep your eyes peeled for updates to this range. And if you have a special High Teas tea that you would love to see in a tea bag, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!