to be kinder to our planet...

choose loose leaf

It's simple: loose leaf teas are about as pure and natural as it gets. Minimal processing and packaging means you're already making a different by choosing loose leaf teas.


The brown packets you’ll receive your teas in are fully compostable and the clear window is starch-based so there’s no need to remove it before composting. Our mailing bags are totally biodegradable and although some of the product labels are not yet biodegradable this is something we’re working on (for the time being you’ll just need to peel the stickers off on your tea packets before composting). 

organic, biodynamic & ethically sourced teas

You'll find many teas in our collection are from certified organic or biodynamic plantations and we're always on the lookout for new, great-tasting organic teas. We’re pleased to say that more and more growers are now on their way to becoming fully organic and we think this is great news! 


Swap your big brand supermarket tea bags (which more often than not contain trace plastics) for flavourful, small-batch loose leaf teas and you’re already doing both the planet and your tastebuds a big favour! Choose from our range of tea infusers, filter tea pots or filter bags and there will be no waste from your daily cuppa aside from some lovely natural tea leaves, which will go down a storm in your home composter. 


High Teas London is a small, family-owned business and we're not afraid to declare ourselves passionate environmentalists! We've tried really hard to build as green a business as we can. However, if you have any suggestions for how we can improve then please do drop us line...