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    blended teas

    Our blended tea collection spans the spectrum of tea types and regions. Here you will find complex, flavourful teas which expertly combine leaves from two or more growing regions or single region teas which have been blended with natural flavours, fruits, spices or herbs to enhance and complement their flavours. 

    Tea blending is truly an art: balancing layers of sweetness, bitterness, spiciness, astringency, aromas and taste in a single cup. 

    Our bestselling blended tea is the regal Prince of Wales: a blend of Assam and Ceylon black teas with a touch of green gunpowder and natural blackcurrant flavouring. No wonder this velvety tea was the favourite tea of Edward, Prince of Wales. Prince of Wales blend makes an exceptionally good afternoon tea.

    For a top breakfast brew you can’t go wrong with our Yorkshire Harrogate breakfast tea - a perfect blend of teas from China, India and Kenya. Those Yorkshire folk definitely know how to blend a truly blissful cup of tea; just add milk and a biscuit and you’re good to go!

    For a blend from further afield why not treat yourself to our India Breakfast blend - all the highlights of India’s great tea growing regions in one cup: we include fragrant 1st flush Darjeeling, hearty 2nd flush Assam and brisk January Nigiris to make a sublime brew for breakfast, or any other time of the day!

    Tea blends you may not have tried (but really should!) include our Lemon with Zest tea (a strong black Chinese tea with strips of lemon peel), our Winter Blend Firelight (cinnamon, apple, almonds, coconut, ginger etc) and our exotic Gunpowder, Passion Fruit and Guava tea. 

    Many of our blended teas feature black tea, however green tea is also an excellent base for blending and our Sencha Plum and Cinnamon offers a really lovely, naturally sweet way of drinking your health-giving green tea!

    Many of our tea blends possess a myriad of health benefits and you will find many are as good with milk as they are chilled over ice.

    If you prefer to search blended teas by type you can find them in our flavoured green, flavoured black, afternoon and breakfast sections.