rooibos teas

Smooth, rich, nutty teas from South Africa. Known also as ‘redbush’ teas, Rooibos are prized for their many health-giving properties and bitter-free taste. 



    Naturally caffeine-free, rooibos teas have gained huge popularity in recent years due to their many health benefits and smooth, rich, nutty taste with notes of vanilla. Known as rooibos, redbush tea or bush tea in its native South Africa, rooibos are more closely related to herbal teas than to traditional black tea varieties. Leaves of the South African red-bush are harvested and then oxidised - much like black tea leaves are - with the resulting tea leaves bearing a distinctive earthy brown, golden colour and needle-like appearance. 

    Containing half the tannin of traditional black teas, rooibos have a smooth, earthy, sweet taste with little bitterness. With zero calories per cup and containing high levels of polyphenols (anti-inflammatories) it’s easy to see why rooibos teas are a popular beverage choice for those wishing to enhance their health or for weight loss.

    Our selection of loose leaf rooibos teas include a classic Cederberg organic tea, which is a great introduction to this herbal tea: the golden, coppery cup is perfectly complemented with a splash of milk or with a twist of lemon. For a prized rooibos variety with malty, slightly grassy flavours you should definitely try our Green Organic Rooibos; green rooibos teas undergo less oxidation than classic red-brown rooibos teas and the resulting brew is fresh, lively and tangy. Our Earl Grey rooibos pairs classic rooibos tea leaves with natural bergamot oil and we also offer an unusual Lemon and Ginger Rooibos, with the ginger root pieces and citrus perfectly complementing the mild sweetness of the rooibos tea leaves. Closely related to rooibos is honeybush tea - slightly sweeter than rooibos with a honey-like scent. Our East Cape Organic Honeybush is a prime example of this fragrant tea.

    For an authentic taste of South Africa you could also try making any of our rooibos into a thirst-quenching iced tea -  delicious!