Low in malt and bitter characteristics Darjeeling teas make a famously good afternoon cuppa. Explore our single estate, organic, decaf and biodynamic options.



    We have carefully sourced our collection of the very best Darjeeling loose leaf teas from the finest tea growing plantations across the Darjeeling region in West Bengal, India. Choose from our first flush Darjeelings with their light, floral astringency; second flush Darjeelings renowned for their distinctive muscatel aroma or perhaps try one of our deliciously subtle autumnal flush Darjeelings for a delicate and muted cup. 

    Known as the ‘Champagne of tea’, Darjeeling has commercially produced superb quality black teas since 1856 and we are proud to stock several teas from estates that can trace their roots back to those very earliest tea gardens. The renowned Happy Valley Estate has grown loose leaf black tea since 1854 so predates even the very earliest commercial plantations! Margaret’s Hope Estate in West Bengal was established in the 1830’s and continues to produce its famous black Darjeeling teas to this day. 

    With a rich tea-growing heritage, Darjeeling estates have also been quick to innovate with the introduction of organic, biodynamic and decaf teas. For organically cultivated Darjeelings we can highly recommend our second flush Singell Estate tea with its velvety muscatel flavour, or try Avongrove’s organic second flush for a full-bodied, aromatic brew. 

    Darjeeling loose leaf teas make a famously good afternoon cuppa owing to their low malt and bitter characteristics. Look out for flavours of grape, apricot, plum and citrus as well as flowery and woody aromas.