The High Teas hall of fame. The very best of the best. Our most popular teas from breakfast to afternoon and everything in between. 


    our favourites

    We know that finding the perfect tea can sometimes feel daunting. That’s why we think it can be helpful to know which teas other people really love! Encompassing long-standing customer favourites as well as teas that we at High Teas HQ most enjoy drinking ourselves, Our Favourites is our sure-fire guide to teas which never fail to deliver.

    From green teas, fruit infusions and herbal teas to easy-drinking black teas from the top tea growing estates, Our Favourites brings together the best of the best.

    For those looking for a stonkingly good afternoon tea then you really must try our astoundingly popular Prince of Wales blend; Assam, Ceylon and Gunpowder teas with a touch of natural blackcurrant combine to make a truly unforgettable brew. Historically a favourite of Edward, Prince of Wales, our customers clearly have excellent - and regal - taste! 

    That first cuppa of the day really has to be spot-on and that’s why we include several of our bestselling breakfast teas here. You could try our Dubliners Luxury Irish breakfast tea for a robust start to your day, or why not travel across the Atlantic for a deliciously malty Manhattan breakfast brew. 

    If you’re already a convert to the delicate bergamont flavours of Earl Grey teas then you will love our ever popular Blue Lady - refreshing black tea blended with natural grapefruit, mallow and marigold flavours and a close cousin of Earl Grey. Or for a traditional - and sublime - Earl Grey then you can’t go wrong with our Baroness Grey.

    If you’re still undecided which tea is the one for you then why not order one of our sample boxes, which include up to ten sample packs in your preferred tea type (breakfast, Earl Grey, green etc). A fantastic introduction to our most popular teas as well as those slightly more unusual teas that you’ve always wanted to try.