Functional teas for health and wellbeing. Utilising carefully chosen ingredients with proven health benefits. 


    wellness teas

    For centuries, herbalists and natural health practitioners have blended herbs, teas, flowers and spices to treat everything from arthritis to memory loss. Building on this rich tradition, we’ve developed our lineup of wellness teas to help reduce symptoms of a variety of health issues.

    Here at High Teas HQ we often refer to our wellness teas as ‘functional teas’, meaning they provide a real function within the body. These are teas that really get down to work! Our wellness teas have been named for the ailments that they help alleviate but they are all excellent and healthy teas for everyone to enjoy!

    When choosing our wellness loose leaf tea selection we have been guided by science and flavour. While some may remain sceptical about the efficacy of functional teas it’s hard to deny that a waft of eucalyptus isn’t a sure-fire way to clear a congested chest (mother really did know best!). Our Breathe Deep tea is perfect for when you’ve been laid low by a head cold - it contains real eucalyptus leaves alongside antioxidant green tea and sweet flavours of currants, rosehip and blueberries to soothe sore throats. Just add a spoonful of honey and you’ll be feeling miles better in no time!

    Several medical studies have shown the efficacy of turmeric as an aid to muscle recovery and as an anti-inflammatory. In fact many top athletes now take turmeric supplements or drink turmeric tea for these reasons. Our Arthritis Head to Toe tea is packed with turmeric root, fennel (another known anti-inflammatory), bamboo leaves and burdock.  It won’t cure arthritis but you may find it eases your achy muscles and joints when drunk regularly.

    You may not think teas can help you to have better hair days, but you’d be wrong! Our Bamboo Camomile tea is full of skin and nail-friendly bamboo leaves, which contains lots of lovely silica - one of the crucial building blocks for lush, silky hair and shiny, soft nails! 

    If healthy weight loss is one of your goals and you’ve decided to embark on one of the variety of fasting diets (we swear by the 5:2!) then give our Fasting Tea a go - zero calorie and packed with flavour, this tea will really help you get through the day without resorting to nasty diet drinks - or to the biscuit tin!  

    We also have teas to help you sleep (the aptly named Lullaby), gentle teas for those who require a natural laxative (Senna Quick Start) and teas for relaxation and rest.

    All of our wellness teas are low in caffeine (or caffeine free) and are just as delicious if you’re drinking them with health in mind, for a detox or simply sipping them for a mindful moment in a busy day.