Made with nothing but real, 100% natural fruit pieces. Dazzlingly zesty, fruity, fragrant and spicy teas all feature in our High Teas infusions range. 


    fruit infusions

    Naturally sweet and caffeine-free, our diverse collection of fruit infusion loose leaf teas have been chosen for their vibrant flavours and many health benefits. Whether you are looking for a sense of calm, an aid for detox, a pick-me-up, a spicy kick or a summer cooler, we have the tea for you! 

    Here at High Teas we believe the best tasting infusion teas are those packed full of natural, high-quality and carefully sourced ingredients. 

    Loose leaf herbal and fruit teas release their vitamin-rich flavours more readily than tea in tea-bags. You will notice colourful, juicy pieces of fruit, fragrant herbs and whole spices in all our herbal teas - no E numbers or yukky fake fruit flavours here!

    Why not swap out a sugary soft drink with our strawberry and kiwi fruit infusion - a zero calorie option which is naturally sweet and yet full of fruity flavour. Or how about our zesty blood orange infusion with its deep red infusion and strongly citrus fragrance? Many of our fruit teas are excellent over ice in summer or even as a fabulous addition to a cocktail!