matcha teas

Vivid green teas for a vibrant, flavourful cuppa or funky matcha lattes! Try our premium and naturally flavoured versions of this Japanese classic. 


    matcha teas

    Whilst the Japanese have known the benefits and beauty of vivid green matcha powder for well over a thousand years, we in the West have only recently come to appreciate the incredible properties of this startlingly different tea.

    Unlike traditional black and green teas, which require steeping of the leaves in water, matcha is made from tea leaves ground into a powder which dissolves entirely, resulting in the most stunning bright green cup with a myriad of health benefits.

    If you’ve tried tasteless, mass-produced supermarket versions of matcha before and haven’t been convinced then let us persuade you! For the best matcha experience you need to sample our specially selected small-batch, high-grade varieties which offer a truly authentic taste of Japan. 

    The traditional Japanese tea ceremony centers on the preparation, serving, and drinking of matcha as hot tea, and embodies a meditative spirituality. A traditional bamboo whisk, sieves, bowls and spoons are all associated with the preparation of matcha. But if you haven’t got the time for an entire tea ceremony then matcha is about the easiest tea to prepare: simply add hot water and you’re good to go!

    Premium grade matchas are often described as having a pleasantly grassy flavour with a sweet nuttiness and smooth, slightly astringent notes. Delicious both with hot water or whisked into a creamy matcha latte. 

    Because matcha is a concentrated form of green tea it has been long reputed by enthusiasts that matcha possesses stronger health benefits associated with green tea. Caffeine is more concentrated in matcha, which Japanese Zen monks have historically used to stimulate awakeness. Health benefits associated with matcha tea include: weight loss, stress reduction and an increase in antioxidants which are thought to help prevent various diseases and ailments.

    For those new to matcha tea we can highly recommend our Vanilla Matcha with real bourbon vanilla which enhances the natural sweetness of the tea. Our bestselling matcha and a classic premium grade example is our Izu Green Matcha with a jammy-like smoothness, a satisfying full cup and a light astringent finish. For Earl Grey lovers, why not try our Earl Grey Matcha with bright bergamot layered over smooth notes of malt.