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organic teas

Fine loose leaf teas from certified organic plantations. Featuring teas from Darjeeling to China and beyond.


    organic teas

    Here at High Teas we are committed to offering as many organically cultivated teas as we possibly can.  We strongly believe this is good for both the planet as well as for the health and wellbeing of our tea loving customers. We believe that the more people are able to taste and enjoy our fine organic teas, the more tea growers will respond to this demand and the planet will ultimately become a happier, healthier place! 

    Across the globe organic certification is legally restricted so you can be confident that all of the organic teas we supply are grown under the strictest organic regulations. All our loose leaf organic teas have been grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and use no genetically modified seeds.

    Our organic loose leaf tea collection encompasses teas from all the popular tea regions and types - from Darjeeling to Nilgiri to organic Assam, China, Green and Chai teas.  Many of our herbal teas are drunk specifically for their health giving properties and we ensure every single one of the ingredients in our organic herbal teas are grown using organic or biodynamic methods. 

    Many of our teas - like the Assam Hathikuli Bio - hail from estates which pride themselves on initiatives in sustainability and organic farming that they have pioneered. Because we select many of our regional loose leaf teas from single estate producers it means we can be totally confident of their organic certification.