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Try up to ten different teas with our carefully curated sample boxes. A brilliant way to explore new tea types and regions or to give as a gift.


    sample boxes

    New to loose leaf teas and don’t know where to start? A committed loose leaf tea drinker who’s stuck in a rut? We get it. We love to try lots of new teas and we want our customers to be able to as well! Our sample boxes offer you the chance to sample up to ten different teas in smaller quantities so that you can discover which teas really float your boat. With our thoughtfully curated boxes you will be amazed at how varied the flavours can be, even between teas of a similar region or type. Try our breakfast box with teas ranging from a traditional English blend to a malty Manhattan tea to a proper Yorkshire Harrogate brew, and more! Or if you’re partial to an Earl Grey our Earl Grey box has six different varieties for a real connoisseur's experience. 

    We think our sample boxes make really lovely gifts for the tea lovers in your life. Each box is composed of individual packets containing 15 grams of tea with either 6 or 10 packets in each. 10 packets is well over 50 cups of tea so you’ve really got the chance to fall in love with your tea of choice!