The diverse and exciting world of fine black teas

Black tea leaves, black cloth, wood table

Unforgettable black teas

The High Teas black loose leaf tea collection encompasses teas from all the greatest growing regions of the world - from India to China, Nepal to Ceylon. With milk or cream, sugar or lemon, black teas are versatile and beloved: a straight-up proper cuppa! With just a few big brands dominating the black tea market with their mass-produced, factory-blended teas (you know who we mean!) we think it’s time to try something a bit more special…. 

Why chose loose leaf black tea?

We choose award-winning single estate teas and small-batch blends to ensure our black teas are always brimming with flavour, freshness and fragrance. It’s one of the reasons we love drinking loose leaf teas: because we can be sure they haven’t been squashed into tea-bags and sat on supermarket shelves for months or years. You WILL notice the difference, we promise!

Something for everyone

Our loose leaf black tea collection really does have something for everyone: whether you’re looking for a breakfast tea, an afternoon tea, a decaffeinated tea or an organic tea you’ll find them all here. 

What are the health benefits of black tea?

When grown in the optimal conditions and gently processed in small batches, black teas possess a myriad of surprising health benefits. Polyphenols found in black tea are thought to restrict bacteria in the mouth, reducing plaque formation. Polyphenols are also antioxidants, which can help block DNA damage. Tannins found in black teas help to improve digestion and immunity. The small amount of caffeine in tea can boost energy levels. Drinking black tea can also help reduce stress and may help lower the risk of developing diabetes, when drunk regularly. Lots of great reasons to get brewing!

Single estate teas

For really special single estate black teas you may want to start with some prime examples from the Assam region of India. Our bestselling Mokalabari East is an absolute classic: bold and bright with a spicy, rich character. Our much-loved Assam Mangalam Estate is just what you’d want in a perfect breakfast tea: richly flavoured and malty - superb with milk as a kick-start to your day. Head over to Darjeeling for an aromatic organic tea - the 1st/2nd flush Happy Valley Estate. Or for the best of both you could try our Darjeeling/Assam blend brunch teaFurther afield you will find dark, smoky, alluring Lapsang Souchong from China and complex, malty Kosabei Estate black tea from Kenya. 

How to drink loose leaf black tea? Our special pyramid bags

For those who aren’t yet ready to make the leap from trusty tea bags to loose leaf teas, we offer some of our bestselling loose leaf black teas in pyramid bags - these are tea bags with a difference! Pyramid bags allow the fragrant tea to move around more freely in the water; they also give the tea more space, meaning the delicate leaves aren’t crushed into a dusty, tasteless powder! Try our excellent Yorkshire Harrogate Breakfast Brew or our Dammann Freres Darjeeling in pyramid bags.