Bringing world famous Dammann Freres teas to the UK

Illustration of colonial tea plantation

World famous loose leaf teas

Known as one of the most prestigious tea companies in the world, Dammann Fréres has developed a reputation for its expertly developed tea blends. We are proud to stock a wide range of Dammann Fréres teas, including some of their most popular varieties.

A historic tea company

In France in 1925, two brothers and great tea lovers, Robert and Pierre Dammann, created the commercial enterprise known as Dammann Fréres. The name Dammann actually goes back as far as 1692 when the family were involved with the supply of tea, coffee and chocolate. Their know-how and the quality of their teas made them the official supplier of the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique - the celebrated and prestigious French Line. After World War II, the history of Dammann Fréres took a different turn with Jean Jumeau-Lafond at the helm. This great tea lover was responsible for some exceptional creations such as the famous Russian blend “Goût Russe Douchka”, the Christmas Tea as well as the apple tea, all of which we stock today. 

Dammann Freres canisters and sachets

We love the smart black 100g canisters, which keep your tea fresh and which you won’t be ashamed to display on your kitchen counter! We also supply a selection of Dammann cristal sachets (similar to tea bags) which are available in boxes of 25 or 50 sachets.  

What are the most popular Dammann Freres teas?

The most popular Dammann teas we stock are: Dammann Fréres Earl Grey Yin Zhen sachets Dammann Fréres China Gunpowder and Dammann Fréres Strong Breakfast tea (a perfect blend of Ceylon, Assam and Darjeeling teas). You should also try the Dammann Fréres 4 Fruit Rouge tea -  a blend of China and Ceylon teas with cherries, strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries. Or for a winning accompaniment to savoury dishes and weekend brunches you shouldn’t miss the fabulously smoky Dammann Fréres lapsang souchong