Decaffeinated teas using the Co2 method: all of the taste, none of the caffeine!

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100% Caffeine free teas

Here at High Teas we love drinking tea. We’re almost (almost!) ashamed to admit how many cups we get through every day at High Teas HQ! So we understand that nobody wants to sacrifice their daily brew even if cutting down your caffeine intake is a priority. That’s why we have curated a special High Teas loose leaf decaffeinated collection. All our decaf teas have been rigorously taste tested so we can bring you teas which are totally free of caffeine yet jam-packed full of flavour.

Chemical-free decaffeination

All of our decaffeinated teas are decaffeinated using the Co2 process which is the most popular and most natural method of decaffeination. It involves mixing the tea leaves with liquid carbon dioxide undergoing high pressure and temperature until the carbon dioxide turns into a solvent that attracts the small caffeine molecules from the leaves and leaves the larger flavour molecules behind. One of the biggest benefits of this method is that it does the best job at preserving the flavour, composition — and therefore, health benefits — of the tea leaves. No chemicals are used and it is the only method approved for organic teas for this reason.

All your favourite teas, without the caffeine 

We aim to bring you a wide range of our teas in decaffeinated form. Why not try a delicious decaf darjeeling? Or perhaps an Evening Earl Grey as a perfect late night cuppa? If you’ve struggled to find a decent decaffeinated English Breakfast tea then look no further - our Dimbula OP English Breakfast is as perfect a morning brew as you could hope for - with none of the caffeine! 

For those who simply prefer to avoid caffeine or for a totally safe cuppa during pregnancy our decaffeinated teas are second to none. 

More caffeine-free options...

Don’t forget that most of our herbal teas, fruit infusions, rooibos and wellness teas are also naturally caffeine free!