Breakfast Teas

Breakfast Teas

Breakfast teas and particularly English Breakfast blends are considered to be the most popular type of tea in the UK, with consumption outranking that of Earl Grey. English Breakfast Tea is known for its bold flavour and its relatively high caffeine level. The flavour is often described as rich, robust, full-bodied and (sometimes) malty or brisk. Sales of English Breakfast tea in the UK accounts for over 50% of all teas sold, and Earl Grey sales come in at about 25%.

The bold flavour of English Breakfast Tea makes it a great candidate for adding milk and/or sugar. It's common to add one or both to your tea. In fact, according to William Gorman, executive chairman of the UK Tea Council, 98 percent of British teas are taken with milk, and English Breakfast is no exception. Adding milk and/or sugar mellows the otherwise strong flavour of English Breakfast Tea.

As the name suggests, English Breakfast is often drunk with breakfast. Typical English breakfast fare includes bacon, eggs, toast and marmalade, sausages, grilled tomato and, of course, tea. It may also include other heavy items, such as baked beans, fried bread and/or black pudding.

Irish Breakfast Tea is similar in flavour to English Breakfast, but it is made with more Assam tea. This often makes it maltier and less brisk than English Breakfast. Our Dubliners blend is always a hot seller but the “Authentic" version has its loyal following.

Scottish Breakfast Tea is also similar to English Breakfast, but it may include fewer teas from places other than Sri Lanka and Assam. It is often even richer and bolder than English Breakfast Tea, and many people in Scotland brew their Scottish Breakfast tea quite light or add more milk to compensate for this boldness.

We have an outstanding range of Breakfast teas, variations on the English version, Irish, Scottish and others from St.PetersburgManhattan, Sri Lanka, and a fabulous version from Dammann Freres in Paris.The one attribute they have in common is their bold flavour and suitability for drinking with milk and sugar.