Our top picks of flavoured black teas

Silver spoons, silver plate, tea leaves and flowers

Black teas, with an added je ne sais quoi!

While we all love a simple, straightforward cuppa there are times when we just want to switch things up a bit. A bit of zest, a little more fragrance, some exotic spices to really wake up our senses. Well look no further! Here at High Teas we have sourced some of the most exciting, delightful and distinctive flavours and combined them with the very finest black teas.

Natural flavours

When we say ‘flavoured’ black teas, we don’t mean artificial flavourings, oh no. All the flavours we use are from natural sources - flowers, herbs, spices, fruits, grains and even smoke and alcohol! Our teas are blended in small batches to ensure the highest quality and flavour.

Flavours which pair perfectly with black tea

For a comforting, warming brew you could try our cinnamon flavoured black tea with crushed cinnamon bark gently releasing its natural spicy oils into the steeping tea leaves. Or how about the classic combination of chocolate and orange - in tea form? Or black tea with lemon zest slices for a refreshing and awakening hot drink. For lovers of spice we have the aromatic cardamom flavoured tea. For a floral delight you mustn’t miss the famous Rose Congou Emperor tea which is layered with rose petal five times during the manufacturing process so that the resulting tea is delicately infused throughout with the delicate scent of rose. For rose-flavoured tea with a smoky edge you could try our Anna Karenina Blend which has the addition of a touch of smoky Lapsang Souchong.

Earl grey teas

Earl Grey teas are among the most famous and beloved of flavoured black teas and our range spans classic Earl Grey - black tea combined with natural bergamot essential oils - to more unusual varieties including Lavender Earl Grey, Baroness Grey Blend and Russian Earl Grey

Dammann Freres

The renowned French tea house Dammann Freres is a master of coming black teas with incredible complementary flavours and we are proud to stock a variety of their teas - from Jardin Bleu with wild strawberry and rhubarb, to their 4 Fruits Rouge combining cherries, strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries with China and Ceylon tea blend.