Brilliant green teas for green tea sceptics!

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Flavoured green teas

All the incredible health benefits of green tea but with an added array of exciting natural flavours. For those who know and love green tea already our carefully sourced collection brings added dimensions of flavour to your daily brew. For those who have yet to fully appreciate green tea’s many delights - or who think it all just sounds a bit, well, green and righteous - then you have come to the right place! Many a green tea sceptic has been converted with our scented sencha, plum and cinnamon tea - rich, relaxing and with a little spicy kick from the cinnamon bark. Or for an even more fruity cuppa our gunpowder, passion fruit, guava and mango tastes like a Carmen Miranda hat in a cup! 

What is green tea?

Despite their name, green teas are produced from the very same tea leaves as black teas. Green tea leaves are harvested and then quickly preserved. Whereas black tea leaves are allowed to oxidize after they are picked, green tea leaves are immediately heated to prevent oxidation. Oxidation is a natural process - it's the same thing that happens when you slice an apple and it begins to turn brown and taste sweeter as it is exposed to oxygen.

What are the health benefits of green tea?

There is certainly no doubt that loose leaf green tea is good for you and there are some studies which have shown positive results from green tea consumption in areas such as weight loss, skin health, glycemic control and overall well being. 

100% Natural flavours

Among our selection you will find several excellent green Earl Grey teas: the beloved flavours of bergamot perfectly complementing the refreshing green tea leaves. Another popular choice is our peppermint green tea. For those who prefer their green tea without caffeine you’ll find several decaffeinated options available.

Great ways to drink flavoured green teas

An already refreshing choice, don’t forget that all of our flavoured loose leaf green tea varieties are also excellent made into iced tea! Or for anyone keen to offset the virtuous nature of green tea why not try some of our fruitier teas mixed with vodka or gin for a subtle and unusual cocktail?!