Focus on Assam Tea

Focus on Assam Tea

About Assam Tea

Assam tea contributes to one seventh of the world’s total tea production, signifying its popularity across both India and the rest of the world. Tea estates in Assam produced over 600 million kg of tea in 2016, making Assam the largest tea-growing region in the world. Assam tea is also used in the popular English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast tea blends.

Assam tea is traditionally harvested twice a year. The first flush is picked during late March.  This first harvest produces a subtle and discreet flavour. The second flush is typically regarded as the higher quality tea with a richer flavour and is also known as “tippy” tea. Tippy refers to a black tea with golden tips, denoting quality. This flush is generally sweeter and more full-bodied than the first.


The discovery of Assam tea is credited to Briton Robert Bruce, who noticed the plant growing wild during a trading mission to the Assam region of India in the mid-1820’s. Although Robert Bruce died before he could get the plant officially classified, his brother Charles dispatched the tea samples to the Botanical Garden at Calcutta (now Kolkata)on Christmas Eve of 1834. It was here that the tea leaves picked by Robert were classified as a variation of a variety of Chinese tea. The British first thought that the tea was inferior to the Chinese variety, but upon discovering the inability of the Chinese variety to survive in the hot conditions of the Assam region they decided to start production of this new tea variety.

The Assam region of India is in the north-east, surrounding the northern Himalayas, the Brahmaputra plains and the Deccan plains. The Brahmaputra river deposits rich loam over the valley as it meanders its way down from the Himalayas. The soil of the valley is deep and sandy. The entire region suffers from a hot monsoon season from July until September, yet a typically dry and cool winter.

Here at High Teas, we stock a great selection of fine Assam tea at all prices, including many prized 2nd Flush teas. We regularly try out and test our Assam teas for flavour, aroma, appearance and natural taste. Why not try one of our Assam teas today - it could possibly become your new favourite tea.

A selection of incredible Assam Teas

Assam - 2nd Flush Harmutty TGFOP1 – This tea has a rich, malty and well-rounded flavour with plenty of golden tips.

Assam 2nd Flush Mangalam Estate FTGFOP1 – A tippy tea 

 with a delicious malty and spicy taste with a dark amber colour.

Assam Hatibudi TGFOP "Fu Soonga" Smokey – A smooth aromatic Assam with light, well-balanced tones of smoke.