Beyond mint tea: herbal teas for health and wellbeing

Tea cup and leaf on green wood table

Our diverse collection of herbal loose leaf teas have been chosen for their vibrant flavours and many health benefits. Whether you are looking for a sense of calm, an aid for detox, a pick-me-up, a spicy kick or a summer cooler, we have the tea for you! 

100% Natural

Here at High Teas we believe the best tasting herbal teas are those packed full of natural, high-quality and carefully sourced ingredients. Loose leaf herbal and fruit teas release their vitamin-rich flavours more readily than tea in tea-bags. You will notice colourful, juicy pieces of fruit, fragrant herbs and whole spices in all our herbal teas - no E numbers or yukky fake fruit flavours here!

What are herbal teas?

You may know them as tisanes or infusions but it all boils down to the same thing: a medley of fruits, herbs, spices and flowers which infuse in hot water to impart their flavours, fragrance, vitamins and minerals right into your brew.

Popular herbal teas

Many are familiar with the cooling, tummy-calming effects of peppermint tea as well as the soothing, relaxing fragrance of camomile. But there are a multitude of scrumptious herbal teas besides these favourites. 

Is turmeric good for health?

The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric are well documented and our turmeric gold infusion is an easy and delicious way to benefit from this extraordinary root. With real pieces of curcuma root, fennel aniseed and vanilla this tea is delicious warm with a dash of milk or you could really amp up the creamy goodness and use this as a base for your own version of a turmeric latte! 

How to drink mint tea

For mint tea with a difference try our cool-mint with lemongrass and apple: refreshing and unusual. For mint tea purists, our Morrocan mint tea ticks all the boxes. Drink like a true Morrocan, with a spoonful of sugar or honey. And for a mint tea with impeccable heritage then we also offer the famous Dammann Freres peppermint tea in handy cristal sachets.

Ayurvedic Teas

We also have a selection of Ayurvedic herbal teas available within our herbal teas selection.