Loose leaf teas from India: the best of Nilgri and Sikkim regions

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Nilgri and Sikkim regions

Whilst the famous Darjeeling and Assam regions of India are certainly the best known producers of Indian teas, they are by no means the final word in tea production in India. Nilgri and Sikkim regions are extremely well regarded for their fine teas and we are pleased to offer some of the best varieties from these regions. 

Chai teas

If any tea can capture the essence of India it is Chai - a heady mix of strong black tea with a mix of spices and herbs, traditionally made with milk and sweeteners. Our chai teas range from the classic to more unusual versions, including rose chai and vanilla chai, for added flavour sensations! 


Unlike Darjeeling and Assam teas, Nilgiris are harvested throughout the year. Known for their fresh, lively taste and lemony, woody aromas the Nilgiris we stock are sourced from a variety of award-winning single estates.

Indian estate teas

Thiashola Estate is a pioneer in biodynamic agriculture and produces arguably the finest black tea in the South of India. Its multicoloured uneven leaf is reminiscent of first flush teas in Assam. This flavourful, organic tea has bright amber leaf and cup colour and a lively refreshing flavour with notes of citrus and honey. We also stock from the renowned Tiger Hill Estate in the Nilgiri Mountains (Blue Mountains), the Nonsuch Estate and Glendale Estate, one of the premier tea plantations in the region.