Our Favourite Assam Teas

Green tea leaves in sacks, tea plantation

The king of breakfast teas

Known for their body, briskness and their strong malty flavour, Assam loose leaf teas have deservedly earned their reputation as the king of breakfast teas. An early morning cup of Assam tea with milk is a sure-fire way to begin your day on a positive and uplifting note. Known principally for their exceptional black teas, the lowland Assam region of India has a uniquely humid and tropical climate, ideal for tea growing. To showcase the best Assam teas we have curated a collection which includes teas from both the first and second flush of picking. 

First and second flush teas

For teas referred to as ‘tippy’ (referring to the beautiful gold tips which appear on the leaves) we suggest choosing from our second flush Assam teas, which are harvested later in the year and are prized for their sweet, bold, full-bodied and malty flavour. 

Estate and organic teas from the Assam region

For a rich and full-flavoured Assam with a classically malty character you can’t go wrong with our ever-popular Assam Mangalam. Or for a sweeter, more honeyed cup you will love our organic Assam tea from the renowned Hathikuli Estate. The celebrated spicy, malty tea flavour can also be enjoyed to its full without milk as an Assam black tea. Our collection also includes a decaf Assam tea which we have been very careful to ensure retains all the delicious strength and maltiness of the best caffeinated Assams!