Making the very best cuppa: our favourite pots, infusers and filters

Metal tea infuser with tea leaves

Loose leaf tea, made easy

We know that for many the simplicity of a tea bag thrown into a cup is hard to beat. We also know that once you’ve tried loose leaf teas - made the proper way - then you will never go back to dusty old supermarket tea bags! And it really isn’t tricky with our range of easy-to-use infusers, filters and teapots. We’ve hunted down a range of tea accessories that are easy to clean, simple to use and kind to the planet. 

Filter teapots

We love to make tea in a proper teapot and our range of pots come with a handy filter so that your tea leaves can really move around in the water and impart all of their delicious flavours. The filters are easy to remove and clean and we’ve road tested all our teapots to ensure they have a gold standard drip-proof pour! 

Low cost tea infusers

For a quick cup of tea all you need is our simple and portable metal tea infuser. Our infusers will last for years and are a great, cost-effective option for loose leaf tea on the go. 

Why use filters for loose leaf tea?

For those who aren’t quite ready to give up on the convenience of tea bags then our tea filter packs are an ideal solution. Just add your tea to the bag and, voila, you have loose leaf tea, but in a tea bag! It might sound barmy but you’ll discover a much fresher and more flavourful cuppa when made using loose leaf tea in a filter than you can ever get from a sad, mass-produced teabag!

Tea storage solutions

To keep your loose leaf teas fresh and full of flavour we recommend storing them in our clip-lock caddies which are available in a range of colours which will look super stylish on your kitchen counter. 

Eco-friendly tea

Many commercially available tea bags are still made using plastics, traces of which are regularly detected in our oceans and rivers. Switch to loose leaf teas and you’ll be doing the planet a favour as well as your taste buds!