Our top artisan Vietnamese teas

Two people in tea field with baskets

Why you might not have heard of Vietnamese teas

Although Vietnam has one of the oldest tea cultures in Asia it has only been a serious player in the European market since the early 1980’s. Much of the tea produced in Vietnam is blended with other teas and ends up in tea bags, not even labeled as ‘Vietnamese tea’. However, in recent years an emerging trend for small, artisan tea growers producing high-end teas has shone a spotlight on Vietnam as a world-class tea region.

Where to start when trying teas from Vietnam

The most popular tea drunk in Vietnam is green tea, with its renowned health benefits and grassy, fresh flavours. Our Tan Cuong Hoangbinh Green tea offers an authentic taste of Vietnam; with its slightly bitter start that quickly softens to a deep, sweet flavour this green tea is a perfect introduction to Vietnamese teas.

A great alternative to China tea

We are always on the lookout for high grade organically cultivated teas and Vietnam has some of the best - our Golden Tippy OP Organic is a fine example: a black tea with a slightly floral infusion and hints of caramel. If you love Chinese teas then why not try our Vietnam Black OP for a spicier take on a traditional Chinese black tea.