Our definitive guide to the very best morning cuppa. From a kick-start, malty Yorkshire brew to a regal Baroness Grey blend and everything in between...


    breakfast teas

    How do you like your eggs in the morning? Served alongside a reviving, rich cup of breakfast tea we hear you cry. Us too! We know how important that first cup of tea is to get your day off to the right start. We are proud to bring you THE definitive loose leaf breakfast tea collection. From a malty Yorkshire cuppa to a sophisticated Manhattan Breakfast tea via St Pauls London Breakfast and Dubliners Irish Tea, it’s all here!

    So what makes the best breakfast tea? We look for a full-bodied, robust and rich tea blend -  combinations which are expertly created to pair perfectly with milk. Varying blends of Assam, Ceylon, Kenyan and Keemum teas have historically proven to make the most delicious breakfast teas and we’re not ones to argue with centuries of dedicated tea drinkers! 

    Ever since Queen Victoria enjoyed a blend of black teas one morning at Balmoral in 1892 and named the drink ‘English Breakfast Tea’, drinking blended tea as an invigorating start to the day has been almost essential in the UK. It’s not only the English who love a morning brew - our Russian Samovar tea is based on teas drunk daily from Vladivostok to St Petersburg. Or why not emulate our French neighbours and try one of our many special Dammann Freres breakfast teas - sophisticated and stylish teas from the top French tea supplier. 

    For those who prefer to begin their day with a more fragrant brew we can recommend our lemon and ginger flavoured black tea. Or perhaps sample our Baroness Grey blend - Earl Grey with the addition of zesty lemon peels - which is certain to invigorate and refresh. Our selection also includes a decaffeinated breakfast tea (Dimbula OP), perfect if you are avoiding caffeine.