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China Oolong Tieguanyin

Oolong with aroma of roasted nuts, ripe peach and gardenias
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A new season oolong from Fujian Province. A beautiful peachy and smooth tea with an intriguing floral aroma. Originally the wild growing tea was picked on rock faces that only monkeys trained to perform the task could access! For years we called this tea our Monkey Picked Iron Goddess of Mercy. It has remained the cornerstone of our Anxi oolong collection for almost two decades - a solid tea that reminds us of the way Tieguanyins were in the past: rich oxidised and slightly high fired. Harvested in Autumn the leaf is 30% oxidised - achieved by first bruising the leaf with a bamboo drum and then allowing it to wither and oxidise. Once the proper degree of oxidation is reached the leaves are medium roasted.The resulting aroma is an unforgettable commingling of roasted nuts, ripe peaches and gardenias in a liquor that is surprisingly light and sweet. (NOT picked by monkeys!)


Please note: In order to become more environmentally-friendly we no longer add large coloured labels to our tea packets. Simply peel off the small name label from the back of your packet to make it totally biodegradable! Gift tubes are as shown.

Tea Type


Water Temp

Brew Time

WHITE 3-5g per cup 70c 5-6 mins
GREEN 3-5g per cup 75c 2-5 mins
BLACK 3-5g per cup 95c 4-6 mins
OOLONG 3-5g per cup 95c 5-8 mins
PU-ERH 3-5g per cup 95c 4-6 mins
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