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Lucky Dragon Hyson - Organic-Loose Leaf Tea-High Teas
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Lucky Dragon Hyson - Organic

Organic green tea, slightly more full bodied than other green teas.
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From Zhejiang Province this expertly made steamed tea is slightly more full-bodied than other green teas. Hyson translates to "Flourishing Spring"and this particular varietal imparts the fresh green character you would expect to be a part of any springtime tea experience. Traditionally Hyson referred to old or medium leaves (leaves below the new growing shoots at the top of the bush) manufactured in a rolled long twist and sometimes almost clam shaped. The term 'young' was added to the nomenclature to distinguish that the tea was made from young leaves (new shoots) and therefore better quality and better tasting. This tea became so highly favoured in the 1700's that the British Tea Tax was actually higher for this variety over other teas. Lucky Dragon factory produced the very highest quality young Hyson. Right from the first sale of tea in England in the mid 1600's the English took a shine to tea. The government quickly realised the possibilities and levied taxes on tea which remained until the late 1700's. With all the associated taxes on tea - and 'young Hyson' being taxed even higher - there were all sorts of various schemes done to dodge the taxes. Servants in upper class homes would dry the used leaves and resell them. Other unscrupulous people would 'cut' the tea with leaves from various trees such as beech or hawthorn. Smuggling China teas into England reached a feverish peak in the mid 1700's and the ports of France and Belgium were used as the 'jump-off' points for night voyages to Cornwall and Wales. The Chancellor of the Exchequer and the East India Company were aware of the extent of their losses and realised that only a large tax cut would make legal imports competitive with contraband tea. This finally occurred in 1784 with the passing of the Commutation Act.


Please note: In order to become more environmentally-friendly we no longer add large coloured labels to our tea packets. Simply peel off the small name label from the back of your packet to make it totally biodegradable! Gift tubes are as shown.

Tea Type


Water Temp

Brew Time

WHITE 3-5g per cup 70c 5-6 mins
GREEN 3-5g per cup 75c 2-5 mins
BLACK 3-5g per cup 95c 4-6 mins
OOLONG 3-5g per cup 95c 5-8 mins
PU-ERH 3-5g per cup 95c 4-6 mins
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Customer Reviews

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A Good green tea

Nice, will buy again

Love at first sip

I tend to like Gunpowder or Chun Mee green tea over Sencha, bancha styles but this is my favorite by far. What a unique and beautiful smell and taste. I can see why it remained a favorite in revolutionary Boston even during the boycotting of tea in the 18th century!