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Yunnan Pu-erh Loose Leaf

Dark liquor with strong earthy notes.
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This tea yields a dark liquor with strong earthy notes in the traditional style. Pu-erh is a special type of tea from Yunnan Province China which transforms naturally as it ages. Given the right mix of natural heat and humidity natural microbes ferment the pu-erh leaves transforming the freshness of a young pu-erh tea into the deep earth flavours loved by connoisseurs and fans of this special tea. This tea is famed for its medicinal properties. The leaves come from the Yunnan Dayeh variety of tea tree - which is purported to be closely related to the original tea tree of pre-glacial times. During the 1200's the troops of Kubla Khan are said to have introduced Pu-erh to the rest of China for its medicinal value. Pu-erh is often taken for relief of indigestion and dysentery but has also been reported very useful in the reduction of cholesterol. Kunming Medical College claims that pu-erh can lower cholesterol by 17 percent and triglycerides by 22 percent. They may have been slightly over zealous about the properties of pu-erh as a University in Berlin and another in France found that the claim was perhaps overstated. A study in Japan indicated that all tea lowered cholesterol and that pu-erh was more effective than green tea. Other followers of Chinese tea for health' report that pu-erh can; "cut the grease help digestion, promote body fluid secretion, quench the thirst, invigorate the spleen and dispel alcoholic toxins" Whether pu-erh is effective or not for the various claims that researchers and tea drinkers make has not been firmly established; what is certain is that pu-erh is rather unusual and has properties many other teas do not share. The method of production is: The tea leaves are picked rolled withered in the hot sun after which they are steamed and pressed into cakes. This pu-erh is broken up out of the cakes to make it easier to deal with. The steaming process generates some moisture and when compressed (without drying) into the cakes in the course of time the tea takes on a musty and earthy character. Pu-erh that gets somewhat moldy before it naturally dries is considered the best. Pu-erh is then stored for years. As with wine young pu-erh is considered the least valuable whereas pu-erh 5 years or older is more highly prized. Interestingly the taste of pu-erh becomes more mellow with age and perhaps more acceptable to the western palate.


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Tea Type


Water Temp

Brew Time

WHITE 3-5g per cup 70c 5-6 mins
GREEN 3-5g per cup 75c 2-5 mins
BLACK 3-5g per cup 95c 4-6 mins
OOLONG 3-5g per cup 95c 5-8 mins
PU-ERH 3-5g per cup 95c 4-6 mins
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I love this tea

This is a strong earthy tea that I absolutely love in the mornings. I am addicted to it and High Teas has the best Pu Erh I have found. The tea has healthful, probiotic benefits and doesn't cause any nausea--as other black teas sometimes can on an empty stomach. I have been and will continue to purchase this wonderful tea.